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Sleep: A Restful Mind Journal

Sleep: A Restful Mind Journal

SKU: 9781647225018

Clear your mind of the stresses of the day in this beautiful blank journal to  relax, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep.

A companion to the popular Sleep: A Day and Night Reflection Journal, this blank journal is an open space to record and release thoughts, stresses, and reflections from the day.

MINDFULNESS PRACTICE: Build more mindful habits by journaling the day’s worries, stresses, and thoughts before bed. Go to bed calmer,more relaxed, and have a better night’s sleep.

IDEAL SIZE: This 5 x 7.5–inch journal is the perfect size,big enough to capture all of your thoughts,   and small enough to fit easily on a nightstand or tuck into a bag for travel.

BUILD YOUR GUIDED JOURNAL COLLECTION: This companion journal is part of Insight Editions’ successful line of guided journals, including journals on Gratitude, Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Care, Recharging, Connection, and more.

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