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My Wish For You

My Wish For You

SKU: 749190052160

*You have, at this very moment, the capacity to give someone some magic. A sudden smile. And a lot of joy. You have the capacity to make a wish come true. 

*This notecard kit has everything you need to send a little smile and to make someone's day. Includes 10 unique tri-fold cards (5 each of 2 designs), printed envelopes, and a small booklet full of gift-giving ideas and inspiration. Simply finish the statement "My wish for you" on the card's interior frame, add a personal note to the inside, and send it off! 

*Your wishes can be sincere, silly, or filled with potential. Send a wish for success in a new venture, to have happiness every day, or to hope for a dream come true. Give to a coworker whose day needs brightening, a friend who deserves the best birthday yet, or the server who made your meal extra special. Leave under a door, tucked in a book, or even attached to a bouquet of flowers—and send a wish that comes from the heart. 

So whose life will you touch today? 


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