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Funny Magnets

Funny Magnets

SKU: 096069242000

Give yourself a laugh when you walk by the fridge or at your desk at work with these funny magnets


  • Made of Printed wood composite with a full magnet back
  • Offers 9 different designs
    • "You call it nagging. I call it listen to what I said the first time."
    • "Motivational tip of the day: Get your shit together"
    • "Im a real sweetheart and a real smartass - Package deal"
    • "This is us. Welcome to the shit show."
    • "Hey there trainwreck, this aint your station"
    • "I hate when I lose things at work like pens, paper, sanity & dreams"
    • "Retired. I worked my whole life for this magnet"
    • "Welcome to parenthood. Hope you like destruction and chicken nuggets."
    • "I followed my heart & it led me to the fridge" 
  • 4 inches x 3 inches
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