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Romantic Cocktails Hardcover

Romantic Cocktails Hardcover

SKU: 9781732512610

Romantic Cocktails is a bewitching collection of over 100 classic and craft cocktail recipes, perfect for winning hearts—and mending broken ones, too!

Inside the plush red foil cover of Romantic Cocktails, you will find the secret to mixing up more than 100 cocktails for couples, crushes, and star-crossed lovers. Simple step-by-step instructions and gorgeous full-color photographs make every drink recipe easy and truly swoon-worthy.

The drinks are as fun and charming as they are intoxicating, with names including: 

  • The Afternoon Delight - a little sweet, a little naughty
  • Boozy Milkshake for Two - two straws please
  • Between the Sheets - a romantic variation on the classic Sidecar cocktail
  • The Vesper Martini - synonymous with sophistication
  • The Goodnight Kiss - the perfect nightcap for a night you don’t want to end

Author and bartender Clair McLafferty offers insider tips and tricks for everything from sizing up recipes for a party to fixing a drink that didn’t turn out quite right. Throughout the book, you will find drink-related romantic quotations and toasts from the likes of Shakespeare, Louisa May Alcott, and James Baldwin.


Whether you are looking for a romantic gift or a reliably excellent cocktail book for your home bar, Romantic Cocktails will knock your socks off!

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