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Birthstone Reveal Candle

Birthstone Reveal Candle


Special and unique, just like your wife, girlfriend, daughter, friend, and of course- yourself! This candle will bring a big smile and a warm glow to their face (and yours too!). So celebrate every birthday and milestone with a little extra meaning.


This 11 oz single wick tranquility lavender jasmine floral scented candle features a cutout heart on the upper front left corner, a ribbed-textured glossy white stoneware ceramic vessel with a gray textured matte sand glazed base. The included heart gemstone floats around in the candle as it burns and becomes encased in the wax each time. Beautiful sparkles float around as the candle burns as well. Bottom foam feet protect your furniture surfaces.


Once the candle has completely burned away, this unique container can be reused for many purposes within the home and workplace, including a bobby pin, hair tie, toothpick, q-tip, hair clip, or other small bathroom items. Works for desk items, including paperclips, thumbtacks, staples & more!


Candles are available in all 12 months of the year: January (Garnet), February (Amethyst), March (Aquamarine), April (Diamond), May (Emerald), June (Alexandrite), July (Ruby), August (Peridot), September (Sapphire), October (Opal), November (Topaz), December (Turquoise). Matching blankets for each month are also available for purchase, making the best birthday gift set!

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