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Birth Month Mugs

Birth Month Mugs


Crafted with care and designed to spark curiosity, this mug is a canvas of insights. Each month is represented with its distinct personality traits elegantly listed on the front, allowing you to explore the characteristics that shape your individuality. Whether you’re born in January with determination and ambition or July with intuition and empathy, these traits are more than just words - they’re windows into understanding yourself and those around you. The large capacity ensures that you have ample space to enjoy your coffee or tea as you're reminded that your birth month is more than just a date!

  • Product Specs

    PREMIUM QUALITY: This 17 oz. stoneware mug has ribbed-textured ceramic walls, a glossy white interior and exterior, and a unique gray textured sand-glazed bottom that covers ¼ of the cup. A large comfortable handle that fits almost anyone’s hand; sits right above the gray base and nearly reaches the top edge of the cup. Sentiment faces towards you when held in your right hand and outward when held in your left hand.

  • Care Instructions

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Microwave & dishwasher safe

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