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Lola Llama Clip

Lola Llama Clip

SKU: 008421366019

Want a lovable llama who's always on the go Lola wants to head out with you on an adventure! Take this colorful little girl to the beach, to school, or anywhere else you might travel. She's a pack animal!


July 21


I'm a cute little llama all cuddly and furry
Take a ride on my back if you're not in a hurry.

*Our rainbowrific llama is super sweet!

*Llamas are made for packing!

*Hard plastic connector for clipping to your belongings

*Adorable Ty character in portable mode!

*Let your child take their favorite character on the go

*Includes official Ty Heart tag (includes birthday and poem)

*Surface/Spot clean only

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