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SKU: 008421952328

Diamond, the unicorn lives up to her name, with sparkly sequins to rise her to fame. If the mood suits you, dazzle in pink or mix up the colors in just blink. You’re surely to stand out with her sequins so bright, this Beanie Boo wristlet is a fabulous sight.


March 1


I glisten and dazzle
Like the shiniest of lights
My sparkle can brighten
The darkest of nights!

*Beautiful miniature purse, perfect for places you don't need a full-sized handbag

*Color-changing reversible sequins keep this purse new and fashionable!

*Diamond shows off his glitz and glamor with this wristlet!

*Top-zip closure with Ty Tassel pull

*Bright and colorful lining

*Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem

*Surface clean only

*5 x 4 x 1 in ( cm )

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