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Cardinals Appear Music Box

Cardinals Appear Music Box

SKU: 096069188438

Unique sentiment displayed on the lid makes this an appreciated gift for the occasion, but later the recipient can replace that with a favorite photo. Easy to insert inside the lid, this makes it a very personal gift.


  • Sentiment reads "Cardinals appear when angels are near" 
  • Woodgrain finish
  • 6" X 8" X 2.75".
  • Tune: Amazing Grace
  • Cardinal and leaf sprays
  • A heartfelt expression of your sympathy
  • Music box with hinged top is a lasting keepsake gift.
  • Hinged lid lifts to reveal black velvet-lined interior, a space for storing small mementoes, coins, jewelry or treasures.
  • Wind up the hidden key (on the bottom of the music box) to play the music.
  • When the lid is lifted the music starts and then stops when the lid is closed.
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